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[E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] Xstreamity V2.91 Xstreamity V2.91

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Xstreamity V2.91

All new improved quick epg returns with new complex calculations to try and display the correct time and description.
Quick EPG only available if your provider makes use of enigma2.php API.
Quick EPG Channels remain blank for channels with bad data and weird times.
Full EPG loads over the top of Quick EPG if set up.

Live Channels as well as categories can now be hidden by pressing the menu button on a category/channel list. Yeah!
Not doing this for VOD or series, they are likely to change too much.

Daily EPG (long press epg) code has been amended. This automatically works out the timeshift offset and doesn't use the offset in settings. (hopefully)

Catch-up has be totally rewritten again - Hopefully I have not broke it, its so difficult to get right.
There is a new catch-up timeshift settings in playlist settings to offset the displayed times list. This does not offset the catchup programme itself.

Category buttons have been compacted a little to fit in the extra menu (hide) button, thats been moved to the end of the list.

Playlists screen have been rejigged to show the active/max connections a little better.

You should be able to update over the top of old. I don't think you need to delete the json file
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