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XCIPTV 4.0.X APK manager 2020-05-07

No permission to download
Many selling this panel and devoloper has insisted it be free for all, recently posted else where looking money at discust of owner.
Others are making it virtually impossibable to get, hopefully those needing this will come across it here, panel should never be sold by rats making money of the back of others!!

Upload files to your host, configure the panel with your DNS
Default is admin/admin.
Edit the APK and point it to your API folder.

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algiem has this complete script ?
It would be interesting to put where we edit the apk with the data from the api, because that's where the problem is, it won't be any application that will serve, I even downloaded and changed version 4.0.0, but the error when opening.
Any idea where we could locate the rest of these files?
Thanks for the download
Can someone help me? How do I make it running? What do I need to do?
You can make your app work with these files. but there are a lot of files missing if you want the manager as in the picture.