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VU+ Solo2 Black Hole 2.0.6 2017-06-25

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Black Hole 2.0.6

What is new ?​

New Plugin Net Drive
New Coherence UPnP Renderer
New Coherence UPnP Server
Removed Dlna Djmount client Bh version
Removed Minidlna Bh version
Added Vu+ Dlna Browser (based on djmount)
Added Vu+ Minidlna server
Fix and Update MyTube plugin
Update lcd4linux
Update Openwebif
Update all dtt drivers
Update TranscodingSetup plugin

Vu+ Drivers:

- Fix transcoding problem(duo2)
- Fix vtuner problem(duo2, solo2)
- Support non bcma encrypted PCMWAV in media playback
- Add missing entries in framerate_choices(duo2, solo2)
- Support 4 vtuners(duo2, solo2)
- Support transcoding in vtuner(duo2, solo2)
Fix 1080i problem (duo2)
Fix AC3 sound problem (duo2)
- Fix DTSHD downmix & passthrough
- Support more than 4 tuners(vtuner) in duo2 and ultimo
- Fix play/pause in solo2(when duo2's new remote control is used)
- Fix Xcrypt card detection problem(duo2, solo2, uno, ultimo)
- Support transcoding bitrate/framerate setup
(solo2, 50K<bitrate<1M, Change is in effect in the subsequent connection )


[dvbmediasink] support DDP patch.
Add curlftpfs
[wlan] added driver for Realtek 8188EU chipset
[mt7610u] Added D-Link DWA-171 Rev. B1
[wlan] Added new Realtek Driver - 8812A - 8821A who support AC standard
Update HbbTv
Add python packages: misc, shell, types
Update af9035 firmware.
Increase vtuner number in udev up to 4
TransCodingSetup : set defalut bitrate of SOLO2
TranscodingSetup : change bitrate range (solo2, 50k ~ 1M)
TranscodingSetup : add framerate settings (25k, 50k)
TranscodingSetup : add default button
TranscodingSetup : use notifiers for set change
AudioSelection : Dolby Digital downmix -> Dolby Digital / DTS downmix
ServiceInfo : crash fix.
Update languges Cs, Da, No, Ru, Sk, Sv

Howto Dlna Renderer:
Enable UpNP renderer in Black Hole Speed Up
Start Bubbleupnp, Devices, Renderers and choose duo2, solo2, solo or the box name available.
Then choose library choose a media and press play.
You will play your media to your box.

You can use native Samsung Galaxy player (video, gallery, media) by pressing *))) ] (allshare)

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