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VU+ Serien Recorder v0.9 (29.01.2014) 2017-06-25

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VU+ Serien Recorder v0.9 (29.01.2014)
update v0.9

- Fix typos
- Fix crash when the log file is too large (the log is now emptied at each EPG / Autocheck, I consider later a more friendly solution possibly above a certain size until empty)
- Improve auto check (start_time, end_time)
- In 'series markers' can now be added via the Wunscliste search series.
- There is a new check whether series already exist. That is, it is not checked whether the series is available on the HDD and at the same time at each timer is created a entry comes in the file '/ usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/serienrecorder/added' example (Dexter S01E01) and also here is checked whether the series already exists. This should now prevent from double timer!

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