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VU+ Plugin Serien Recorder v3.0.12 2017-06-25

VU+ Plugin Serien Recorder v3.0.12

  1. bobby123
    VU + plugin Series Recorder v3.0.12

    Update 3.0.12:

    - Broadcast dates have not been displayed
    - GS with filter on / off in broadcast dates
    - Unwanted characters in station name display on transmitter assignment
    - Trailer by the file ... / series recorder / tmp / planner
    - Timer from notepad have not been created
    - Has matching the timer with the EPG does not work

    - Automatic cover search for AutoCheck was removed (less strain on wunschliste.de)
    - Cover display (and therefore also the cover search) can generally be disabled in global setup

    Thx @ w22754

    Click this Link to Download File:
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