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VU+enigma2-plugin-extensions-simplelist.0.2.all.ra 2017-06-25

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For months I wanted a "Simple Movie List" tinker me .. after 3 weeks of madness has finally come :)

I would like to but do not reinvent the wheel! as the name of the plugin already indicated "Simple Movie List".

Simple Movie List:
- Manual Cover search on (TMDB / TVDB).
- Automatic cover search.
- Currently, there are two views ("Normal List" and "Cover List").
- File sorting ("Date Descending" / "ABC").
- Delete File / Dir (the Recycle Bin is enabled, the files / dirs for "Trash" moved).
- Resume function.
- SeekBar function during playback.
- Cover display in the reproduction.

- EPG / INFO = switches between movie description and cover (this only works in the "normal list").
- MENU = settings.

Important the plugin requires sqlite: (opkg install python-sqlite3)

A big thanks to root for the movie player icons!

Have fun testing ...

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