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VU+ Enigma2 Plugin AcestreamPlayer 2017-06-25

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VU+ Enigma2 Plugin AcestreamPlayer
Attached is a plugin to play streams from a Acestream server.

Method :-

Acestream Player How to

1. If you do not have Ace Player HD (vlc) already installed on your pc - first uninstall any installed vlc mediaplayer. Next find and install :-


2. Start Ace Player HD (vlc). Configure player :

Tools -> Preferences -> All -> Interfaces -> Main Interfaces -> Select Web -> Exit

3. Configure host :

Find the path to the folder player by rightclick on the Ace player icon. Mine is (for example) -

"C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\ACEStream\player\ace_player.exe"

Then do - ACEStream\player -> lua -> http - find file HOSTS. Insert the receiver ip (without #)
(Sometimes ACEStream deletes this change after pc reboot. So check.)

4. Install plugin AcestreamPlayer (attached). Start plugin. Config - insert server ip and
location of your user acestream url list. Default location /media/usb. Example list attached.

Check with BT Sport 2 (working in uk).

Regards, pcd.

Click this Link to Download File:
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