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VU+ Duo2 Black Hole 2.0.6 2017-06-25

VU+ Duo2 Black Hole 2.0.6

  1. Ferret
    Black Hole 2.0.6


    What is new ?‚Äč

    New Plugin Net Drive
    New Coherence UPnP Renderer
    New Coherence UPnP Server
    Removed Dlna Djmount client Bh version
    Removed Minidlna Bh version
    Added Vu+ Dlna Browser (based on djmount)
    Added Vu+ Minidlna server
    Fix and Update MyTube plugin
    Update lcd4linux
    Update Openwebif
    Update all dtt drivers
    Update TranscodingSetup plugin

    Vu+ Drivers:

    - Fix transcoding problem(duo2)
    - Fix vtuner problem(duo2, solo2)
    - Support non bcma encrypted PCMWAV in media playback
    - Add missing entries in framerate_choices(duo2, solo2)
    - Support 4 vtuners(duo2, solo2)
    - Support transcoding in vtuner(duo2, solo2)
    Fix 1080i problem (duo2)
    Fix AC3 sound problem (duo2)
    - Fix DTSHD downmix & passthrough
    - Support more than 4 tuners(vtuner) in duo2 and ultimo
    - Fix play/pause in solo2(when duo2's new remote control is used)
    - Fix Xcrypt card detection problem(duo2, solo2, uno, ultimo)
    - Support transcoding bitrate/framerate setup
    (solo2, 50K<bitrate<1M, Change is in effect in the subsequent connection )

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