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VU+ All Models Driver Update 06.03.2014 2017-06-25

VU+ All Models Driver Update 06.03.2014

  1. Ferret
    Driver Update 06.03.2014

    Driver Update 06.03.2014

    Update drivers

    - Support blindscan(solo2, experimental)
    - Support both SCART & HDMI audio in passthrough mode.(uno, ultimo, solo2, duo2)
    - Fix no audio problem in some radio channels
    - Support PCM Multi Channel(solo2, duo2)
    - Fix timeshift problem
    - Fix loop through problem (duo2, single tuner)
    - Support dynamic contrast in PEP
    - Turn on PQ Enhancement by default
    - Add more PQ enhancement proc entries(solo2, duo2)
    - Fix vtuner problem when RestartGUI
    - Fix some CI modules recognition problem

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Recent Reviews

  1. rb17
    Version: 2017-06-25
    Newbie question: one have to reload the image and cam emu's after updating drivers?
  2. johnss
    Version: 2017-06-25
    for clone aswell mate I cant update my clone for some reason