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VTi "Vu+ Team Image" - v. 6.0.4 Duo - 16.12.2013 2017-06-25

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Vu+ Solo2 starts a FPGA upgrade at first reboot after update, please do not power off during the upgrade

Update: 16.12.2013

- increase image version --> VTi 6.0.4
- update drivers (2013-12-17)

Support more video codecs in media playback.(OE 2.1 gstreamer)
Reduce First picture display time(zapping time improvement : duo2, solo2)
Support dual transcoding(duo2, Only 2nd transcoding is mutually exclusive with PIP)
Improve PCM playback(solo, duo, uno, ulitmo)
Support 3D surround (solo, duo, solo2, duo2)
Support AVL(automatic volume leveler)(duo2, solo2)
Support more proc entries to control duo2 transcoding.(Plugin will follow)
Improve temperature control of dual tuner when not in use(duo2, uno, ultimo)
FPGA update in solo2(done automatically in the first bootup after installation)
Fix EOS detection in media(PCM) & TS playback
Support AAC passthrough
Remove unnecessary debug messages(duo2)
fix DVB-T2 PLP Id problem
fix dual tuner loop through problem

- update dvbapp2

add One-Click timer function in EPG views (mapped to REC button)
fix display of 32 bit png files
fix zapping in Eventview screen when opened from service list
include new audio effect options to audioselection screens
update it translation THX @Diamondear
standby screen cosmetics, THX @dhwz2001
add some media file formats(wmv, wma,asf)

- update plugin OpenWebif (ver. 0.2.6 2013-12-16)

finish translation support
display recording and standby state (top right corner)
allow adding/deleting timers in mobile view
minor bug fixes

- update plugin Foreca (ver. 3.0.9)
- update plugin DeviceManager2
- update plugin MPDControl (ver. 0.2)
- update plugin AutoShutDown
- update plugin LCD4Linux (ver. 3.8-r2)
- update skin AtileHD
- update skin GlowHD (ver. 1.0a)
- update gstreamer plugins
- update mpd (ver. 0.18.5)
- update libav (ver. 0.8.9)
- update transtreamproxy (support multiple transcoding)

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