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VTI 6.0.8 SAFE IMAGE with drivers locked 2017-06-25

No permission to download
I noticed that the picture of the VTI images are slighty brighter and better then the ones i tryed (Pli,VIX,OpenAtv) so i install the VTI 6.0.5,with drivers 24/12/2013,locked the Drivers with Chattr command so theye are protected and cant be overwritten,then i did a online update and after update my system changed in the VTI 6.0.8 and still with the 24/12/13 drivers,so its a pretty safe image,even if you schould do (accidently) a online update,then ther wouldnt be done not mutch harm,vause the drivers are locked and ure unit cant be bricked (this i am 99%sure,but better dont do a online update!!!)

I got Tsmedia,cccam,oscam (included the config files,they are in var/tuxbox/config),standard skin and the picons of 13,19,23 and 28 installed,its a verry stable image,you only have to personalise it!

Some screenshots:

Click this Link to Download File:
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