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virgin media skin 2017-06-25

virgin media skin

  1. bobby123
    hi all here is the virgin media hd skin .

    modified and re designed by Chababu & Fraggle121

    this is for pli images only...

    it is about 98% complete and is fully usable...

    we would like your feed back what u think needs to be done.

    to install it

    put the Virgin Media Hd folder into /usr/share/enigma2/ folder on your box

    if u have a alien box the Virgin Media Hd folder goes into usr/local/share/enigma2

    the convertors and renderers

    go into usr/lib/enigma2/python

    just be carefull if you already have the files there delete them first then transfere both the py and pyo file just to be safe.
    if u don't delete them first and just overright them the skin will not work correctly

    always back up your box before starting this incase anything goes wrong..

    when all above is done then select the virgin skin in your menu and reboot .....

    Click this Link to Download File:
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