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TSimage-dm800se-3.0-OE2.0-ramiMAHER#ssl84c 2017-06-25

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new Secondstage 84c


driver The original 01.10.2013

driver The original 01.10.2013

enigma2-tspanel-2.2_r14 --> enigma2-tspanel-2.3_r1 (add skin themes)
enigma2-skin-ts-metrixhd_1.0-r16 --> enigma2-skin-ts-metrixhd_1.0-r19 (fix for skin themes)
enigma2-plugin-extensions-tsonlinetvmod-1.1-r0 --> enigma2-plugin-extensions-tsonlinetvmod-1.4-r1
enigma2-plugin-extensions-tsmedia-3.9-r0 --> enigma2-plugin-extensions-tsmedia-4.0-r0
enigma2-plugins_3.999: git4724 --> git4726
enigma2-plugin-extensions-mediaportal_git1798 --> enigma2-plugin-extensions-mediaportal_git1826

enigma2 20130927 (master) -> 20131001 (master)


- extend pid cache for audio types other than AC3 and MPEG

(required to store last selected ac3+ or aac audio tracks)

- dont send CEC poweroff on idle to standby transition again

- dont send CEC poweron on idle to standby transition

- dont restart previous service on idle to standby transition

- fixed rare crashes on e2 shutdown

- call flush and fsync when storing parental control white/blacklist


dreambox-dvb-modules: update hw drivers for dm500hd, dm800se, dm7020hd, dm500hdv2, dm800sev2

- reverted to old audio core because of audio lost during skip fwd/bwd with some AVRs

- fixed broken transition between different audio types with enabled passthrough


Revert "bdremux: update srcrev and bump PR, fixes freezing on PTS discontinuities at stream start"

This reverts commit 4e08a57c36b8f7b9ae884fb80000027f5153d217.

The changes are not committet to bdremux git yet.. so temporary revert it...


enigma2 20130907 (master) -> 20130927 (master)


- added ac3+ support (requires hw drivers with ac3+ support)

- improved storing config files on write-back enabled filesystems (ubifs, ext2, ext3 ....)

- fixed some upnp issues (special char/umlaut issues, servers not showing up, minor fixes)

- fixed subtitle synchronization (was broken on skip fwd/bwd since mkv deadlock fix)

- fixed BlinkingLabel (thanks to Kashmir)

- fixed crash on timer-based deepstandby wakeup

- fixed shutdown on radio services with RASS

- fixed software update on dm500hd / dm800se with external update tool

(to get automatic updates again, an update via telnet/ssh shell is required once)


dreambox-dvb-modules: updated dm500hd, dm500hdv2, dm800se, dm800sev2, dm7020hd hardware drivers

- updated audio core

- added DDP aka AC3+ support

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