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TSimage-3.0-OE-2.0-dm800se-2015-03-15-ramiMAHER#ss 2017-06-25


  1. Ferret



    enigma2 patched :2015/03/09 : by ramiMAHER


    enigma2: hotfixed crash on tuner configuration
    linux-dreambox: removed unneeded patch
    enigma2 20150105 -> 20150309
    - fixed possible crash after radio mode usage
    - fix parental control for recordings (check original service)
    - fixed renderText RT_VALIGN_BOTTOM
    - fixed filemonitor deadlock (unused)
    - fixed some false positive "FATAL!: addTimer must be called from thread ..." crashes
    - add changes to allow unicode characters from keyboard (e.g. german umlauts)
    - fixed possible "rave record buffer overflow" messages which can cause block artifacts in recordings
    - hopefully fixed broken timer autoincrease handling
    - fixed possibility to rename services in channelselection
    - fixed eConsoleAppContainer process zombies
    - add possibility to reset the multicontent buildfunc to none..
    - fixed tuner slot descriptions for tuners configured to loopthrough, equal or sat pos dependsallow unicode characters from keyboard
    dreambox-buildimage: update needed for new nand flash support
    update dm500hdv2/dm800sev2/dm7020hd secondstage loader to support different flash types  
    linux-dreambox-3.2: add support for other nand flash type (fixed prev commit)
    linux-dreambox-3.2: add support for other nand flash type
    enigma2-skin-ts-metrixhd_2.1-r10 --> enigma2-skin-ts-metrixhd_2.1-r11

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