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TSimage-3.0-OE-2.0-dm500hd-2015-06-21-ramiMAHER#ss 2017-06-25


  1. Ferret


    enigma2 patched :2015/05/28 : by ramiMAHER



    update enigma2-plugins:
    - fix enigma2-plugin-extensions-mytube using google-api-3.0 for testing
    enigma2: fixed possible ci assignment plugin crash
    libzvbi: push PR
    libzvbi: add patch to skip data with wrong framing code
    zvbi: backport some fixes from master, respin patches
    enigma2 20150316 -> 20150528
    - allow templated colors for multicontent progress
    - fixed translations for tuner setup
    - fixed tuner can measure power detection​


    Click this Link to Download File:
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