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TS Multmedia Center(TSmedia) 6.2 2017-06-25

TS Multmedia Center(TSmedia) 6.2

  1. alimac
    German concerts added to netmedia /wdr rockpalasat

    -some arabic tv and movies
    -arabstream:collection of arabic tv channels /nettv/arabic tv/arabic streams
    -musicvideos80s :music videos for 80s and 90s,only audio available: radiomusic/
    -bestofyoutube.com:best and latest of youtubes /youtube
    youtube server in hellenic movies

    -fixed reported bugs

    -imporve software update function,added reinstall of current version,please test with other receiver where software update is not functional in previous version in case of error pelase submit error log from /tmp/TSmedia


    oe2.0 Openpli4.0 and openpli images

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