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TS multimedia Center(TSmedia) 7.2 2017-06-25

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TS multimedia Center(TSmedia) 7.2

-improvement in TSmedia system files
-new addons
-tnstream arabic channels-nettv/arabic thanks for colocolo
-e-screen-tv collection of Poland tv live channels(nettv/international),need free account at e-screen-tv
filling login info in etc/tsmedia/user_loginfile
escreentv:[email protected]:xxx

use pluginmover if you have limited flash space :

'''The code written by Schomi
extended by mfaraj57
-settings added to select target device,/media/usb is available only in original plugin
-more info about free and total space of flash and target device
-update size info after moving any plugin
-removed bytes2human modules and replaced by local functions

Tested on dm800se TSimage
-TSmedia plugin moved to media/hdd and continue to work as usual and no problem after updating TSmedia
-need further testing,please report crash or bug or suggestion

warning: Although the plugin tested but the original coder neither me responsible for any loss of data

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