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TM-TWIN-OE-4D-linux-2.6.18-08-08-2012 2017-06-25

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Please read before installation

4D images is using different kernel/application to any other images
if instruction bellow is not followed it will create bugs in all functions/ Etc.
Need to create extra memory for partitioning the flash;
1-Download 4D images after finished off/on press intermittently on the exit button on the front panel for 10 seconds.
No need of any bootloader,
2-You have to format hard disk as it is different kernel to any other image.
3-after download channel list/ setting permanent time shift {PTS }/EPG/picons/Etc, re start or deep stand by,
4-To save EPG/PICINS do not save in flash at all/ using hard disk is not recommended Each time changing channel or EPG it has to speed sync it will slow down channel change,
Pli image can save EPG not picons in Hard disk,
This image has been tested by team of beta testers for best performance.
All functions are working.
Team found bellow miner problems which will be fixed in next image
1-After first time setting PTS { permanent time shift } wait about 3 mints then do rewind it will not rewind press pause {time shift button then play rewind will work no need to repeat again }
2-press info or EPG button will take a bit to display due to amount of memory in EPG/picons need to upload ,to speed up need to use different picons or adjust epg display by pressing menu .
Best way use any usb stick 1GB or above, Format usb by tm-twin restart/ save
To get success full result
Hard disk {PVR}
1-Do not use 2nd hand /ex sky /re furbished/very old/ may be ok with pc but will not work properly with any satellite box.
2-If there is problem with formatting use pc just delete partition do not format in pc use tm-twin to format it {could take 2 or 3 attempt to format}
3-for kernel 2.6 which is used for latest 4D/iQ/Black hole/or any other image do not use more than 1TB, higher will slow down the system can create problem.
If above followed it will not create any pvr/PTS problem,
If any bugs found in this image please write your comments in the Feedback of download centre 4D Team will fix it as soon as

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