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TM-Twin-Oe-05-04-2013 2017-06-25

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1- pli-3
2- kernel 3.5.3
3-Opra browser
4-Hbb TV
5-New drivers
6- Dolby Digital Plus(EAC3)
7- Improved Media Player
8-New E2
How to use Hbb-Tv.
1-Go to astra 1-19E/art -hd or any channel displays Hbb-tv logo by pressing ok 2 times you should see it
2-press blue button in clear screen/press ok on browser stop/start Exit,
3-Press Blue button /GO TO hBB TV Application press ok/See message detacted otherwise select another channel
4-go to any channel with hbb logo/wait until a display appear on the bottom right/press red button on the remote and wait/see selection of choice.
Please Follow instruction bellow
1-Unzip it copy past to root directory of your usb { update }
download by usb 2 times when download ends /off/on press exit button on the front panel intermittently for 10 seconds,
Do not use backup.
{Not doing above will not boot/will not partition 5Gbit full memory}
2-download channel list/if new HDD format it/do Restart from menu {do not turn off from back
3-Do EPG/picons{Recommended to use usb to save Epg-Picons }if you are saving in Hard disk advised/menu/setup/system/time shift settings/ turn on permanent time shift/green button to save.
cccam 2.1.1/cccam.cfg is defaulted.
Restart from menu/standby-re start. Do not turn off from rear,
4-watch any channel for a minute do deep standby /turn on now ready
do above once only No need to repeat again.

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Hi I wonder if anyone on this site can help. I have downloaded [B]TM-Twin-Oe-05-04-2013[/B] and I unzipped it USB. There are following folders on the USB:-

| |
Tm Twin Tm Twin Oe
| |
cfe cfe
| |
cfe.bin cfe.bin, oe_kernel.bin, oe_rootfs.bin, splash.bmp

When I come round to installing this image I follow the instructions at power up press EXIT intermittently. The screen then displays to install new image press OK or do nothing to bootup. I press OK. Rather then installed the new image it jumps straight to bootup as normal. I have tried everything like re-formating USB (2gb) as fat32, but it still does the same thing. Please help.