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TM-twin Dd V3.2 image (17-06-2012) 2017-06-25

TM-twin Dd V3.2 image (17-06-2012)

  1. ellie1998
    an image based on the last Dd V3.01 release (NOT the 5Dd image) incorporating the latest available drivers, which its claimed, sorts out the following

    Permanent Time shift mode recording Function problem fixed
    Scrambled channel Start up (booting time) decoding problem fixed
    PVR stability improved
    Max channel recording function bug fixed( MAX channel 7)HD OR SD
    LCD Brightness bug fixed
    Eit EPG improved

    There ARE a few bugs present, but, just about everything works as itd be expected to

    Post here http://www.digitalworldz.co.uk/287883-tm-twin-dd-v3.html

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