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TM-Nano-Oe-19-07-2013 2017-06-25


  1. wildchuck
    1-Autoboquets Find it in Menu/setup/service searching.
    2-Time shift message.
    3-Time shift stop delay to video
    4-Multi recording.
    5-Picture jittering/audio loss.
    6- Rf out audio.
    autobouquets How to install.

    1-menu/setup/service reaching/ok see auto bouquets/if you do not see autobouquuets
    2-Menu/plagins/extension/ok/wait .
    2-Select free sat or sky/area/green button/start scan/wait for few minutes/do re start

    Thread Discussion

    Originally uploaded by Wildchuck. Moved out of TM Single Section.

    Thread Discussion