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TM-8000-HD-14-06-2013 2017-06-25

No permission to download
Just noticed this in the Download Centre...

Phantom Patch_TM-8000Ci+_14Jun2013.tbn (3.9MB)

Updated Issue]


1. local c/s issue 1( 9.0E Astra1 11895-v-27500, 12402-v-27500)

2. blind scan issue

3. process a/v message
( No Audio/Video, No signal, Scrambled)
4. deletion old channel data after scanning
if transponder found it's channel when scanning, it is cleared old channels data of this TP.

5. data channel scanning option.
I inserted option "Search data channel" at osd setup menu.
If this item made to "YES", You can search all data channel without video/audio data.

6. update recall functionality
recall funciton operate between satellites.

7. Ci Channel
Ci CAM initializing didn't success at FTA Channel.

Ci MMI Message box is updated.

8. Favoirte Mode is updated..

9. Via, code is updated for EMM auto.
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