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SunRay SOLO2 Update software 2017-06-25

SunRay SOLO2 Update software

  1. bobby123
    SunRay SOLO2 Update software

    How to Update SunRay SOLO2 / SunRay Mini Solo

    1,First Power-Off your machine(Sunray SOLO2 or SunRay Mini Solo).

    2,Open the SunRay Update software.

    3,Link USB to SERVICE port.

    4,Auto install SunRay Encryption system Loader driver for SunRay-BootLoaderV1.00.

    5,Update your SunRay Encryption system.

    7, Automatic recognition the new Sunray Encryption system driver ForSunRaySR V2.01

    8,Then Power-on your machine.

    Click this Link to Download File:
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