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Sunray OpenATV-4.2-vusolo2 20150704 2017-06-25

Sunray OpenATV-4.2-vusolo2 20150704

  1. Ferret
    OpenATV-4.2-vusolo2 dailybuild


    This image is a 100% build from source code of OpenATV42 with patched drivers.
    The Opera/HBBTV browser is not included by default because it needs a license to access the source code, you can install it from the plugin menu.

    What's new in the OE-A Build Environment 2.3?

    • Open Embedded Core August 2014
    • gcc 4.9.1
    • openSSL
    • Time Zone updates
    • Many Linux tools and libs
    • Update Openweb interface with support
    • Now with Auto Timer Support
    • Now with bouquet Editor Support
    • Update openATV Skin div Screens Revision.
    • E2 latest updates and fixed the last 2 weeks
    • Plugins on Feed up to date
    • CoolTV Guide 7.3
    • DreamPlex 2.0
    • LCD4Linux
    • Fritzcall
    • and much more.

    Updating is possible, but keep in mind future driver updates may harm your box.
    To make safe updates enter the following in a telnet session:
    sed -i '/Package: kernel-module-dvb-bcm7356/{n; s/3.13.5-/30.13.5-/g;}' /var/lib/opkg/status
    This patch sets the driver version from 3.13.5 to 30.13.5, so it won't get updated during the online update process !

    source: dailybuild
    kernel: 3.13.5
    drivers: patched 20150623 drivers
    size: 76.5Mb
    skin: MetrixHD

    Click this Link to Download File:
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