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[E2 PLUGIN DOWNLOAD] Stream any torrent movie or tvshow with very high quality in engima2 box Stream any torrent movie or tvshow

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Torrent streaming is wonderful,exceptional enjoyment experience,if you loss it will lost a lot.
watch any tvshow or movie with very high quality and 4k resolution
few steps you have to do to start different entertainment.

Install TSmedia by any telent client(putty,dcc) by the follwoing script after open connection with the box

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download the attached torrent addon to any known folder in your pc,then copy it by any ftp software(dcc,winscp,filezella) to /tmp path of your box

From main menu of your box open TSmedia/desktop/package installer and select movies_ytslt_1.0.8 and hit install(rc green)

back to main menu of TSmedia and open movies&series section and open YTS WIFY

search for your movie or tv show or select one from the list and start watching .