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Spiderbox/Smartbox HD6000 Patch 30/01/2015 2017-06-25

Spiderbox/Smartbox HD6000 Patch 30/01/2015

  1. manic01
    Spiderbox/Smartbox HD6000 Patch 30/01/2015

    Improvements :
    Red*tube updated

    Instructions :
    First save your channel list
    Go to Network settings & select wired option
    Go to Network-Ser*er Setup & turn CCcam, Newcamd lines to off (if you have any)
    Load patch
    Factory Settings
    Load your channel list, etc.

    Available for Online Update --> Menu - Software Update - Upgrade By Network - Software Upgrade - Press red button - Wait procedure finishes and receiver restarts.
    Factory Settings
    Load your channel list, etc.

Recent Reviews

  1. jo 54
    jo 54
    Version: 2017-06-25
    i have loaded it but I have not tried red tube yet.But the other stuffs like iptv etc
    is working . I need to put firmware in a receiver which still have valid ipk