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Spiderbox/Smartbox HD6000 Patch 05/11/2013 IPTV 2017-06-25

Spiderbox/Smartbox HD6000 Patch 05/11/2013 IPTV

  1. manic01
    Spiderbox/Smartbox HD6000 Patch 05/11/2013

    Installation Instructions :

    First Save your channel list
    Put wireless (wifi) off - Your lines off
    Download patch
    Factory settings


    1.IPTV function
    Menu-IPTV --> pressing 'Default' (blue button),default IPTV channels appearing.
    Edit --> Delete --> Delete one , Delete all
    For going back --> press exit button
    For going massive channels down or up ,use arrow buttons (next RECALL & GOTO buttons).

    2.RSS function

    3.3G dongle support with SIM card

    4.Youtube fix
    Pressing blue button --> resolution, then up or down button so you can change to higher resolution.

    Instructions for IPTV function, user creating his IPTV channel list and add in receiver :

    a)Make IPTV.ipt file using wordpad (attached file)

    b)Copy IPTV.ipt file to USB drive

    c)Menu-System settingS->Software Update->S/W Upgrade

    d)Select IPTV.ipt file and press OK

    e)Receiver reboots

    f)Go to IPTV

    g)User can find IPTV channels he made.

    *Inside IPTV file there is an example how user must add his channels

    *IPTV maximum channels are 400

    *test file --> some more IPTV channels
    we will update list soon

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