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Spiderbox/Smartbox HD6000 DiseqC 1.2 channel list 2017-06-25

Spiderbox/Smartbox HD6000 DiseqC 1.2 channel list

  1. manic01
    Spiderbox/Smartbox HD6000 DiseqC 1.2 motor channel list 16/02/14

    If you want to use Usals then simple select Usals and put your coordinates .

    Channel list was made using channel editor . Satellite - Name .

    No favourites as you can import your favourites using channel editor .

    Thanks to blackdevil

    Azerspace (46*E)
    Intelsat 12 (45*Ε)
    Turk*sat 1c/2a (42*E)
    Hellas Sat (39*E)
    Eutelsat 36A (36*E)
    Eutelsat 33A (33*E)
    Eurobird 1-Astra 2a/2b/2d (28,2*E)
    Badr 3/4 (26*Ε)
    Astra (23,5*E)
    Eutelsat (21,6*E)
    Astra 1kr (19,2*E)
    Eutelsat W2 (16*E)
    Hotbird (13*E)
    Eutelsat W1 (10*E)
    Eurobird 9 (9*E)
    Eutelsat W3a (7*E)
    Sirius 2 (4,8*E)
    Eutelsat 3C (3,1*E)
    Thor-Intelsat (0,8*w-1*w)
    Amos 2 (4*w)
    Atlantic Bird 3 (5*w)
    Nilesat 101/102 (7*w)
    Express AM (11*W)
    Atlantic Bird 1 (12,5*w)
    Telestar 12 (15*w)
    NSS (20*w)
    Nss 7 (22*w)
    Intel 905 (24,5*W)
    Hispasat (30*w)
    Intelsat (34,5*w)