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Spiderbox HD6000 Ch List by William-1 53E to 30W + 2017-06-25

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All transponders update revised satellite list July 10th 2014

53E Express AM22
46E/45E AzerSat-1 + IS-12
42E Turksat 2A,3A,4A
39E Hellas Sat-2
36E Eutelsat 36B
28.5E Astra 2A,2E,2F,Eutelsat 28A
26E Badr-4
23.5E Astra 3B
21.6 Eutelsat 21B
19.2E Astra 1K/R,1L,1M,1N
16E Eutelsat 16A
13E Hotbird 13B,13C,13D
10E/9E Eutelsat 10A,Eutelsat 9A
7E Eutelsat 7A,7B
5E Astra 4A
3E Eutesat 3B
0.8/1W Thor 5&6 + Intelsat 10-02
4W Amos 2 & 3
5W Eutelsat 5 West A
7W Nilesat/Eutelsat
8W Eutelsat 8 West A
11W Express AM44
12.5W Eutelsat 12 West A
15W Telstar-12
24.5W Intelsat-905
30W Hispasat 1D,1E

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