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Spiderbox 6000 Selected Sats IKS Motorised list 2017-06-25

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Spiderbox 6000 Selected Sats IKS Motorised list by ^^COMPASS^^ 7-11-2013

This Channel List has been created using Spiderbox 6000 Channel Editor, so credit goes to the Author.
Channel sorted via Satellite-Provider-Category-Name

The 7 Favorites which include

Fav 1 = IKS-Sport (70 channels)
Fav 2 = IKS 16e (38 channels)
Fav 3 = IKS 13e (77 channels) more to be added at a later date
Fav 4 = IKS 0.8w (56 channels)
Fav 5 = IKS 19.2e (142 channels)
Fav 6 = IKS 30w (21 channels)
Fav 7 = IKS XXX (23 channels)
Fav 8 = (00 channels)

Only 6 satellites have been scraped to keep down to 3,603 TV Channels.
Hellas 39e
Astra 19.2e
Eutelsat 16e
Hot Bird 13e
Intelsat 0.8w
Hispasat 30w

Only for Spiderbox/Smartbox HD6000

Thanks to ^^COMPASS^^
First release
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