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SKYBOX F3S F5S 131224 Add Timer and PICON Function 2017-06-25

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1.Add timer function for XMLTV EPG , press "OK" to select the Event.
Timer Service "Channel": play the Event On Time.
Timer Service "Record": Record the Event On Time by usb HDD.
goto the "Micro Panel", Select "Timer Setting" to view the Timer Events.

NOTE: "XMLTV EPG": goto "Sytem Setup" Enter "EPG And Time Setting" to config.

2.Add picon function.
a. Copy the ics files to the usb device, goto the "MultiMedia", select
"Picon View" to View the icons infomation, or Switch on off. We provide
the DEMO ics file on 13E,19.2E, 28.2E.
b. A PC tool to edit icons will be released soon .

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