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skin White-Motion-HD-V1.0-MOD-By-RAED 2017-06-25

skin White-Motion-HD-V1.0-MOD-By-RAED

  1. bobby123
    skin White-Motion-HD-V1.0-MOD-By-RAED
    Skin to (Maggy) for VTI images, Thx
    -I have modded to Drerambox & BlackHole oe1.6
    -Added MS-Weather Widget
    -Added WeatherPlugin (Thx Dr.Best)
    -Test On DM 800HD
    -Test on...
    Works well for everyone
    1-Open Weather Plugin from Plugins brwoser
    2-Press Memu from Keyboard
    3-Press Green Button (Add)
    4-Write you city name in (City) option
    5-Click yellow buttons (Search Code)
    6-Now select your city and press green button (ok)
    7-Press green button (ok) again
    8-Finish Exit from plugin bu pressing Exit button

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