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Service Named Picons 2017-06-25

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As people are aware, keeping up with service refernce changes and renaming picons has been a long standing menial task

From Apollo 77 and PLI images after 08/11/2014 the picon code has been adapted to do away with the dependence on service reference. Picons will now be displayed based on the channel name subject to the naming parameters listed further down. This will mean the picon makers can now concentrate on making picons and not have tp bother about keeping up with service reference changes.

The Service Named Picons (SNPs) are lower in the selection list than the conventional Service Reference Picons (SRPs). This is useful were a channel has the same name on different satellites and you wish to use a different picon for some of them. Nothing has changed with regards to picon locations.

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Hypothetical channel "DDC One London +1" will require a picon called "ddconelondonplus1.png"

I am attaching the modified picon code for PLI images for people who are happy with their image and just want to add this feature. File goes in /usr/lib/enigma2/python/Components/Renderer/ and must have 644 properties

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not sure if you can help I have copied the file on my box in open pli and now the picons only showing in the info bar