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RTI Integration Designer 9.9.1 2017-06-25

[h=3]Download Integration Designer 9.9.1[/h]ENHANCEMENTS AND FEATURES IN THIS RELEASE:

  • Miscellaneous Z-Wave bug fixes
  • Bug fix: RK1 and RK2 devices with system variable references for deleted control drivers could cause an out of memory error on the XP processor. To take advantage of this fix, you must download to any RK1 or RK2 device marked as "Needs Updating" in the communications dialog.
  • Bugfix: The Convert to RP-1/RP-4/RP-6 command did nothing.
  • Weather driver upgraded to version 1.33 to fix some communications issues. Use the "Get Info" command on the Weather driver for a full list of changes.

[h=3]Download Installation Notes:[/h]Computer Requirements
Integration Designer requires a computer with Windows XP - Windows 10, 256MB of RAM, and 350MB of free hard disk space.

Location for User Data Files
RTI system files (.rti client files) and IR/RS232/bitmap libraries created in previous versions of Integration Designer or TheaterTouch Designer will be unaffected and will remain in their respective folders - the installation will not delete or move existing files.

Default location for new .rti system files and IR/RS232/bitmap library files is:

  • Windows XP - My Documents\Integration Designer\
  • Windows Vista/7/8/10 - Documents\Integration Designer\
The Integration Designer system recovery should only be used as a last resort. There is no guarantee that the system recovery wizard will work and many devices (listed below) do not support it.
There are a number of online services such as Dropbox, Onedrive, Mozy, Carbonite etc which will automatically back up your files in case of a hard drive crash or lost PC.


  • XP processors programmed and downloaded using Integration Designer version 9.0 or 9.1 are NOT recoverable using system recovery wizard.
  • List of devices that DO NOT support system recovery: All RTiPanel devices, KX2, WK2, T2i, T1B+, SURFiR and Virtual Panel (This list may change without notice).

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