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Rat's DW Picons 28.2E Updated 2017-06-25

Rat's DW Picons 28.2E Updated

  1. Rat
    With big thanks to snapman for making the new picons
    To Coincide With Rat's Bouquets, Today's Changes,
    the picons are made to work with Rat's Bouquet. if you use another channel list and some picons do not show you will need to find and rename the picon for it to work with your chosen channel list other that Rat's Bouquet


    Make It Easier For Yourself, Use The Picon Plugin Updater :) << Click <<

    Rat's Bouquet & Picon Blog

    Rats DW Astra 28.2 Picons

    Compile Date: 25-06-13


    Updated By Rat and Snapman

    Picons are small square (rectangle) graphics you see for a channel in certain parts of your menu system and/or if you have a front display on your receiver they can be seen on the receiver itself to identify which channel you are viewing , these picons make your Satellite Receiver act more like normal provider boxes when you visit a channel you will see an identification graphic which relates to each channel.

    FTP into your satellite receiver create a folder called picon (preferably on the USB or HD for space saving).

    FTP into your satellite receiver find the folder with your picons installed, and overwrite them.

    not sure where the picons are, try this command in telnet:
    find picons

    These Picons are made by normal members of the public who devote their time making and maintaining these images for all members please show your support.

    Enjoy the Picons.

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Recent Reviews

  1. brett wilson
    brett wilson
    Version: 2017-06-25
    sorry this is not the full set still missing quite a few picon where can i get them please
  2. Flyka
    Version: 2017-06-25
    can you explain why my picons where in place last night but not tonight?
    I FTP'd the picon file to HDD but they didnt show up when i just booted up??