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Rats Automatic DW Picons Updater 2017-06-25

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Rats Automatic DW Picons Updater

Never worry about updating your Astra 28.2 Picons ever again, with this very simple plugin from Rat of DW you can now simply press a button and you have the latest Picons on your receiver in a blink of an eye.

You have a picons folder

If you do not have a picon folder and receive an error you will need to create one for this plugin to work.
FTP into your receiver find your usb or hard drive and create a folder called picons if you do not have a usb pen or a hard drive attached put it at the root of your directory.

Shell Command: mkdir picons

1) The Plugin runs a command to find your picons folder.

2) Depending on if the updater finds the picon folder it does 2 things, proceeds to install, or displays an error stating you do not have picons installed.

3) The Updater will then proceed to download the latest set from Rats blog

4) On the fly it unzips your picons from satelliteworldz and places them for you in your picons folder.

5) The Plugin will reload the enigma services so that your picons are available straight away.

5) The updater will then confirm on screen if it was successful or not.


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hi can someone please help me out i have picon on my box
but when i download picon updater where do i put it ,as i can not find it doing my head in thanks
Help, I run the picon updater it finds picon folder on hdd and then tries to connect to, it fails to connect ??

ibox 2 plus -openpli