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Putty 0.66 (beta) 2017-06-25

Putty 0.66 (beta)

  1. Ferret
    Putty 0.66 (beta)

    These features are new in beta 0.66 (released 2015-11-07):

    • Security fix: an escape sequence which used to make PuTTY's terminal code read and potentially write the wrong memory is fixed. See vuln-ech-overflow.
    • Bug fix: better Unicode handling in Windows PuTTY keyboard messages, so it should now work better with WinCompose.
    • Bug fix: jump lists on Windows 10 should now work.
    • There's now a set of command-line options to enable session logging.
    • &P in the log file name now substitutes in the port number from the configuration.

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