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PLi Jade3 for DM600 2017-06-25

PLi Jade3 for DM600

  1. Mick
    [h=3]PLi Jade3 for DM600 on 27.06.09[/h] Description

    PLi® Jade3 - for DM600 27.06.2009

    A new Enigma1 PLi® Dreambox release is available

    New features highlights:
    - The DM500 Softcam and the Harddisk detection problems are fixed!

    More new features:
    - CVS Repository 31/05/2009
    - PLi® Repository 14/06/2009
    - CCcam updated to version 2.1.1 for normal DM500 image and DM56x0 image
    - MultiEPG channelnames are scaled too, just as the program name
    - Turkish and Dutch translations updated
    - Removed LAN selection box in network setup
    - The global (all satellites worldwide) satellites.xml updated 15/06/2009
    (DVB-S: FEC = Automatic; DVB-S2: FEC = Normal)

    - Fixed MediaHighway EPG for Dutch 'Canal Digitaal' and Belgium 'TV Vlaanderen' provider

    - Dutch language update by dAF2000
    - Turkish language update by Kerem

    Known bugs:
    - There is maybe some rotor related bug in the Open Embedded boxes

    like the DM7020, DM600 and DM500Plus images.
    * An online internet fix for the rotor users will be released soon.

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