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PKT Sunray Vu+ Solo2 E2 HYPERION V4.5 Image 2017-06-25

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PKT Sunray Vu+ Solo2 E2 HYPERION V4.5 Image
uploaded by Ferret

Added by PKT:
[ALL] fix cam start at startup tuner
[XPEEDLX] Add Correction time in deepstandby
[ALL] fix scrollbar
[SH4] add new WiFi Driver Manager
- restart GUI is required to detect WLAN stick on main network setup
- all drivers directly from GIT should be supported
- 'try driver' can be selected only when all driver is inactive
- eth0 is automatically up when 'disable driver' is selected
[ARIVA] fix vfd plugin
[ariva] GS fix on ledREC
[SH4] samba update and 2GB fix
[sh4] fix samba setup if IPV6 in kernel is enabled
[sh4] update rtmpdump and librtmp for IPTV Player
[sh4] eplayer image in NOR 32MB optimalization
[SH4] SyncTime - fix update script
[mips] fix tuxtxt encoding
[sh4] Removed CrossEPG from image - now only on feed
[sh4] add Remote Manager
[sh4] add mount by LABEL in HDD Manager
[spark] fix multiboot
[UFS910] fix networking restart
[MIPS] fix start/stop/restart emu on standby
[MIPS] fix NetworkBrowser on sf8
[MIPS] add hbbtv indicator on Silver & Red skin
[ALL] fix detecting network interface and code optimization
[SH4] fix esi cooler standby
[MIPS] Shoutcast update
[all] add Memory Cleaner
[MIPS] fix Channel Control
[MIPS] fix GS on InpuDevice
[all] add NTFS to HDD Manager and ntfs-3g support
[MIPS] fix Start DLNA server
[MIPS] fix time correct on xpeedlx1
[MIPS] fix showing CPU clock
[ALL] add IPTV Player optimalisation
[CUBEREVO] fix BootPlus
[SH4] disable clear cache for UFS910
[MIPS] add missing renderer for better skins compatibility
[SH4] add UFS913
[ALL] fix manual backup restore
[MIPS] add mising files for LCD4Linux
[ALL] many other bugfixes not included in this changelog

Special THX to TDT, OpenPLI, OE-alliance and all betatesters.

[B][COLOR="Red"]FTP login: root, passwd: pkteam[/COLOR][/B]

Pozdrawiamy Polish Koders Team


This image has 100% safe drivers but unfortunately it cannot be guaranteed that this image will not fall foul if any future driver updates/changes if a image update is done.

It is therefore advised to avoid doing any image update.[/B]​

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