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Phantompatch-TM_F3_5_117p_10-06-2014 2017-06-25

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Fixed and improved
1-old recording of tm-6900 cannot play on tm-5402-m3 but old recoding of tm-5402--m2 can.
2- ipTV-> supported 2000 channels fixed
How to do bookmark.
->when you playback recoded file, press info, help will display Bookmark option.
Then at favourite position, press Red(Set/Delete), after this, at time bar, Dot will display.
Like this, you can set several position.
Then when you want to move this position, press Green(Previous) or Yellow button(Next), it will move your selected position.
3-In Vforamte, Auto default, user can change to any then press ok..
4-How to do home sharing, in tm-5402-m3.example use one card and connect by rs232 cable share to second receiver.
„» Very simple. Enter Main menu->Installation->option
a. Connect RS232 cable(Cross RS232 cable) each other(2 receiver)
b. Set master receiver. In option menu, ¡§Serial mode¡¨ -> RS232 master ->this receiver¡¦s smart card will share to slave receiver.
c. Set slave receiver in option menu, ¡§Serial mode¡¨->RS232 slave
d. You can set master both of receiver.(both of receiver¡¦s card will share) -> set ¡§RS232 master¡¨ to both of receiver in option menu
5-Tm-5402-tm-f3/5 blind scan problems improved.