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PBNIGMA VX 2.0 10 20130624 2017-06-25

PBNIGMA VX 2.0 10 20130624

  1. bobby123
    PB-Powerboard PBNIGMA II VX
    Experimental 2013-06-24
    On the basis of the sources from OpenPLi 3, OE Alliance here the right PBNIGMA VX II 2 MIPS32

    Changes compared to the standard:

    * Modifications to the kernel
    * Own mount system (it will not automount)

    * Mounting example for extended partitions for external usb storage

    * autofs

    * Ext4 as a kernel module - default file system is ext3
    * Flash Expander
    * Changed Piconinstallationsdialog (path can be selected during installation)
    * Script-starter
    * Label Mount

    * Update automation

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