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Paper 3 Past Exam - C&G 2382-10 17th Edition 2017-06-25

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Paper 3 on the city and guilds 2381-10 17th Edition

City and Guilds 2382-10 17th Edition Past Exam Questions - Paper 3

Use the past paper to test your knowledge on the 17th Edition City and Guilds 2382-10, using this alongside the IET BS7671 is the best way to pass your exam. This paper is complete with the Answers.

Multiple Choice (Four Answers per question - one is correct)

Sample Questions

1 BS 7671 relates to permanent and temporary installations for equipment on:
a marinas.
b ships.
c equipment on aircraft.
d railway traction equipment.

2 Which of the following is listed with the exclusions from the scope in the BS 7671:
a. Swimming pools
b. Saunas
c. Highway power supplies and street furniture
d. Suppliers works

3 Which one of the following is not a statutory regulation?
a Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 as amended
b The Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 1992 as amended
c Requirements for Electrical Installations (BS 7671)
d Agricultural (Stationary Machinery) Regulations

4 The selection of the type of wiring and method of installation is not influenced by
a the nature of the location
b the load current
c the value of the prospective short-circuit current
d the nature of the structure supporting the wiring.

5 An area or temporary structure used for display, marketing or sales is defined as
a a booth
b a stand
c an exhibition
d a show

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