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openvixhd-Apollo 70 2017-06-25

openvixhd-Apollo 70

  1. AJT

    Some of you have already noticed the openvixhd builds

    This was my (rossi2000) initial ViX-HD build with a new 1080p skin that was developed, but required image changes to make it look right.

    This has now been merged into the oe-a git and with openvix. this is why it took a while.

    Most stuff has been reset from the vix-hd builds to match the original vix image, feeds and config wise. so they should be identical bar a few tweaks here and there.

    Machines with the 1080 framebuffer supported so far are:-

    Xtrend 8000
    Xtrend 10000
    Gigablue 800 SE PLUS
    Gigablue 800 UE PLUS
    Gigablue QUAD
    Gigablue QUAD PLUS
    [email protected] HD2400
    Vu+ Solo SE
    Vu+ Solo2
    Vu+ Duo2

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