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OpenVix Apollo 166 (XBMC) - Sunray Solo2 only 2017-06-25

OpenVix Apollo 166 (XBMC) - Sunray Solo2 only

  1. ketmp
    OpenVix Apollo 166 XBMC (for Sunray Solo2 only)

    Source Date: 08/04/15
    Kernel: 3.13.5
    Drivers: 03/04/15 XBMC (patched)

    Due to significant code changes, this build will require a clean/fresh flash with no restore of settings (unless restoring from build 155+)

    Updating is possible, but keep in mind future driver releases/updates may harm your box. This image has the driver version patch and drivers write-protected. Any updates done are at your own risk!

    Credit goes to Sim2/Sunray team for their continued support.

    This image has only been tested on Sunray Solo2 clones. Use on any other clones may result in a bricked box. Use at your own risk!

    Click this Link to Download File:
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  1. dnbtvboxes
    Version: 2017-06-25
    has anyone been able to download this image?