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OpenVix Apollo 163 (XBMC) $ky skin - Sunray solo2 2017-06-25

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OpenVix Apollo 163 XBMC (for Sunray Solo2)
Sky looking setup

Source Date: 31/03/15
Kernel: 3.13.5
Drivers: 03/04/15 XBMC (patched)

(see thread for screenshots)

Due to significant code changes, this build will require a clean/fresh flash with no restore of settings

This is backup of OpenVix Apollo designed to mimic $ky where possible. I have added MGCamD 1.38 (along with mg_cfg config file) and Picons, BlueHD skin and Sky 'Believe in Better' bootlogo. I have setup timeshift to closely mimic $ky+ as possible.

I have used a modified EPG version and LraiZer's AutoBouquet 28.2 plugin instead of built-in ABM as this autobouquet includes facility to add channel number within EPG. You will need to change area within "AutoBouquets (28.2E)" within Service Searching menu.

I recommend backing up your current image first before flashing with this image.

Online update is possible, but keep in mind future driver releases/updates may harm your box. This image has the driver version patch and drivers write-protected already to reduce (but not guarantee) likelyhood of drivers being replaced during an update. Any updates done are at your own risk!

Credit goes to Sim2/Sunray team (with special thanks to RamiMAHER for the patched xbmc drivers and Gjstroom for patching driver version). Thanks also go to Rossi2000 for the BlueHD skin and whomever designed the bootlogo and the modified EPG code. Any copyright is hereby acknowledged.

This image has only been tested on Sunray Solo2 clones. Use on any other clones may result in a bricked box. Use at your own risk!

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