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OpenViX 3.0-708 VU+ Uno 2017-06-25

OpenViX 3.0-708 VU+ Uno

  1. Ferret
    OpenViX 3.0-708 AVAILABLE NOW

    OpenViX-Enigma2 GIT CHANGELOG

    openvix: build 708
    [WOL] fix from timers.
    [PicturePlayer] Vu+ boxes do not seem to support 1920x1080 desktops.
    [PicturePlayer] allow time for FrameBuffer to change size before trying to load image.
    [ChannelSelection] fix possible BSOD.
    openvix: build 707
    Merge commit 'f34c6e0f02c50a399f8f256efb8facdab5d4fa68'
    cosmetics for dish after restart or reboot - when is dish on true position, do not display countdown and rotor speed
    remove duplicity for dish from skin_default
    Add new parameter to define the number of positions of a rotor
    added rotor speed into skin fixed GSOD for fresh instalation optimalized code added tuner name and speed into skin_default
    added missing rep.png to Makefile.am
    Finetuning regards picons shown on servicelist
    [SoftwareUpdate] each box now has own log files, this will allow to update a single box.
    Re-implement "PicturePlayer: add option to configure full view resolution"
    gdi/accel: Keep track of accel surfaces and "convert" them
    openvix: build 706
    gdi accel: Simpler interface that allows more control
    Small optimalizations for picons shown on servicelist
    Make it possible to show picons in servicelist
    Preparations to make it possibe to show picons in servicelist
    [config] update brand support.
    [config] update machine support.
    add some support for 'ini' boxes.
    Recommit - Audio & Subtitle menu to use new audio/subtile buttons as well yellow key to toggle.


    openvix: build 708
    fix emc depends
    [HDp] added rt5572 for HDp
    openvix: build 707
    [Wifi] drivers RT3573 & RT5572 are no longer preinstalled, but are in feeds if required.
    add rt3573 for quad not testet with other kernels yet
    [emc] add depends
    [3rd party feeds] Update
    [MediaPortal] quick fix to build, until the git is fixed for proper Makefile build.
    [tuxbox] update satellites.xml
    openvix: build 706
    [3rdparty addenigma2-plugin-extensions-csfd
    [ixuss] update drivers 25.7.2013
    [vuplus] update WOL for Vuplus Duo2.
    [azbox] add kernel 3.9.2 not active yet we wait for update drivers with gst support
    [azbox] add ci support hd
    [azbox] fix web infos
    [HDe] rename machine name

    Images can be downloaded directly from the OpenViX server
    or via a online update
    menu> setup> software update.

    or via a telnet session with the following command
    init 4 && opkg update && opkg upgrade && init 6

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