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openvix-3.0.378-tmtwin_usb.zip 2017-06-25


  1. digidude
    OpenViX 3.0-378 AVAILABLE NOW

    e2-git changelog

    openvix: build 374
    openvix: build 378
    openvix: build 377
    openvix: build 376
    openvix: build 375
    Add exfat fuse driver
    opensif: add an empty duo_VFD.patch to get the vuduo compilation working
    opensif: add mediaplayer as preinstalled plugin
    opensif: fix bootlogo for dm decoders

    oe-git changelog

    openvix: build 378
    RC up dates. Thanks Back_64
    openvix: build 377
    fix folder name.
    revert some commits from AAF
    fix typo.
    RC up dates.
    [skin] default skin update.
    [MovieList] fix copy file.
    RC up dates.
    openvix: build 376
    openvix: build 375

    Image for USB flashing attached

    images can be downloaded directly from the openvix server
    or via a online update
    menu> setup> software update.

    or via a telnet session with the following command

    init 4 && opkg update && opkg upgrade && init 6

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