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OpenPLi-4.0-zgemma-star-s-20151120_usb 2017-06-25


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    Today's Build of PLi 4.0 - 20/11/2015

    zgemma Star S (single tuner)

    OpenPLi 4.0
    Source Date: 20/11/15
    Kernel: 3.13.5
    GStreamer: 0.10.36
    Python Version: 2.7.3

    Menu Changes
    Change bouquets in quickzap (enabled)
    second infobar set to no time out
    swap SNR in db with SNR in percentage yes
    Subtitle delay set to 0 helps with lipsync if you ever suffered with it
    auto language (4) set to English by default

    Timeshift recording set to /media/usb/
    Record set to /media/usn/hdd (green button/file list)
    Picons Show In Channel list On
    picon / crossepg set to media/usb/

    MetrixHD_Mod (Taykun345) Default
    Rat edited the skin.xml to show standard picon size and a fix other bugs, with thanks to IAmATeaf and Q-BiC

    Rat’s Bouquet Updater 1.4
    Rat’s Picon updater 1.2
    CrossEPG Downloader 8.1
    Backupsuite 20.0
    vfdcontrol (allow you to set front panel display with Clock Only)

    DigitalWorldz Radio Screen
    DigitalWorldz Boot

    Click this Link to Download File:
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