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OpenPli 4.0-Sim2-dm500hd-backup by intercepter 2017-06-25

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OpenPli 4.0-Sim2-dm500hd-backup by intercepter

This backup is based on OpenPLi-4.0-beta-dm500hd-20160522 image
Backup includes plugins:

IPTV Player
TsTube 1.2 by mfaraj57(best You Tube E2 plugin)
Cams:CCcam (ver.2.1.3),OScam (ver.emu svn11213),OScam-CCcam
SubsSupport downloader
SubsSupport settings
Skin Turbo-MOD by RAED
Forecast Weather plugin
Systemtime 1.4
My motor settings from 75°E to 45°W

I deleted all unused language and wi-fi drivers bacause there is not enough space on flash,but this
package include all files and instruction.

Please read instruction before flash box!!!

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