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OpenPLi-2.1-dm800se MyBackup sim2 ssl84b 2017-06-25

OpenPLi-2.1-dm800se MyBackup sim2 ssl84b

  1. alimac

    also works on sunray sr4

    Build date 13/10

    Cool TV Guide v6.4.0

    dflash 10.0.6
    CCcam 2.2.1
    Oscam Daily 1.10 r4.1


    Add stream URL
    AutoBouquets E2
    Rats Picon updater
    Rats channel updater
    CCcam info v1.3c
    CCcamOscaminfo Ver0.3
    IPTV List Updater v1.00

    My TubePlayer
    TSmedia 4.1
    BBC iplayer
    ITV Player
    Live Football 4.6

    small update put together better

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Recent Reviews

  1. liquidlen
    Version: 2017-06-25
    Thanks mate, I downloaded this as it was recommended by a friend who said it should be great for me. Got a Sunray 800se on the way at the moment so hopefully this works, fingers crossed. Its my first satellite box after dabbling with the old cable dbox years ago so a born again newbie. I must say things have improved a lot!! I think I have a lot of reading and experimenting to do :)
  2. gunnertrev
    Version: 2017-06-25
    great image bhoywonder,i did not realise these boxes could do what you have on them,thx.